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Weusanco.Com.Au is a small home based business situated in Sydney NSW.

Wendy loves that personal touch, keeping this philosophy through-out our family
we are able to showcase uniquely Australian designs.

In the Beginning

Our son enlisted with the Australian Army, arriving home on leave he announced
he had to allow time to polish his Belt Brass, opening a container with the brass
wrapped in a pair of silk boxer shorts.

"No son, there has to be a better way to keep them from scratching."

Over the course of the weekend Wendy hand stitched a velvet section for a small container
so the brass could sit in there own little area without touching.

Over several years of phone calls to expand the container to hold more Emellishments,
The Traveller was born and evolved into the case for which your Embellishments
stay safe and secure from enlistment throughout your career.

The Military Memorabilia Case stems from being asked, "is there a case to hold my
Grandfathers Medals and other bits and bobs we have so they are all in one place for
future generations?"
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